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The twelve foods you must buy Organic. Must.

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

I know, I know, there’s way too much information to sift through regarding our food these days, (that’s what I’m for) our supply has been totally effed! The people "in charge" of our health really only have concern, the almighty dollar. This does little in regard to keeping us healthy, so here goes; the list of ORGANIC FOOD you should buy – it’s your body, don’t scrimp. You know the saying, “You’ll pay the grocer or the doctor", choose wisely. The following “Dirty Dozen Plus” have the highest pesticide load, making them the most important to buy in organic versions – or grow them organically yourself which is super fun and easy if you plan your garden with a few friends and enjoy some fun days and nights in your kitchen sharing recipes and meals. Yay!

Here's the list:

Apples Strawberries Grapes Celery Peaches Spinach Sweet bell peppers Nectarines (imported) Cucumbers Cherry tomatoes Potatoes Snap peas (imported)
Hot peppers Blueberries (domestic)

Those last two (hot peppers & blueberries) contain organophosphate insecticides, The Environmental Protection Agency lists organophosphates as being very highly acutely toxic to bees, wildlife, and humans. Recent studies suggest a possible link to adverse effects in the neurobehavioral development of fetuses and children, even at very low levels of exposure.

Uh, NICE, just what I want to ingest for breakfast. (sigh)

Unfortunately, it does cost a bit more to eat Organic, that said, make sure you buy food in season, think about taking up canning or learn how to freeze foods properly so you'll have yummy items throughout the whole year. It's much more expensive to eat food out of season. Also, a secondary freezer (if you have space) is an awesome idea once you get on the cooking band-wagon. It’s up to us to promote a change in the current food supply. Individually we can all make a difference. Nosh on, my friends, nosh on!

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