• Amie Rogers

Ten Pounds Of Happiness

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

When my beautifully fabulous female friends get together the conversation often (always) ends up on our weight, truly, every time. These women are highly intelligent, well educated, vibrant, gorgeous beings, yet the society in which we live keeps telling us we are not enough and that we are fat if we are not perfectly toned and maintaining the exact weight we have in our heads.

The conversation goes something like this: “I’ve eaten so much the past few weeks, I’m fat and need to lose this ten pounds.”, (while grabbing their mid-sections and rolling their eyes) or, “I have ten pounds of belly fat that I absolutely cannot get rid of, no matter what I do.”,or, “I was a size six in college.”, and on and on we go, the criticism is unbelievable. It’s almost comical at this point, I mean really? Ten-ish pounds?

People are starving all over the globe and here we sit (typically) in a swanky eatery, so self-absorbed and consumed with a measly ten pounds that we cannot even be in the moment and enjoy ourselves?! By the way, my own belly fat is on the roster, too, so I am not in any way shape or form picking on my buddies. This behavior must stop.

Let me tell you what I know for sure; those ten pounds are the sweet spots in life, the happy moments. It’s that bottle of wine you shared with your friend who just left her hubby because he was screwing around with their neighbor. Ten pounds is the dessert you ate while celebrating the birthday of a loved one. It’s the margaritas you had at your family reunion or the fabulous vacation in Italy you took that you and your love-bug saved for months to make happen – and ten pounds, well, ten pounds is totally not a big deal. Ever. At all. We all need to get over our bad selves and live a little.

We are creating a society which has unreal expectations about beauty and weight. What we all need to strive for instead is a healthy, balanced life, not a perfect life. Mentally we are so consumed with that “ten pounds” we cannot even enjoy ourselves during the moment of consumption, that guilt is a mother-trucker, it’s not healthy or productive for us individually, or collectively.

So what if you and I made a pact that the next time we’re enjoying each other if the subject of anyones’ weight comes up we immediately segue and compliment the person who did not read my blog and starts yammering on about her ten pounds. What would happen then? Could we make it ripple out to all of the women in the world? Maybe that’s too big a dream, but I say, “Dream BIG or go back to sleep!”

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