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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Why FaceToneYoga? FaceToneYoga is a fun way to keep muscles active, alert and the appearance of your face less stressed; massaging techniques promote collagen production, and we all could use a little plumpness in our lives, and, just like moving and exercising your body brings oxygenation to your cells, and keeps your body fit and toned, exercising your face and neck is the exact same concept. Amie’s program is designed with her thirty years of skincare, holistic nutrition and Yoga teachings woven throughout her classes.

The old adage, “You Are What You Eat’, is certainly in play as far as our skin is concerned. Feed your cells junky-processed food and your skin will lose vibrancy and elasticity; feed your body whole foods with lots of veggies, fruit and healthy fats and you will reap the benefits and see bright, clear skin when you gaze into the mirror.

Whole food, light movement and exercise, plenty of rest and lots of joy all play a part in a healthy lifestyle, FaceToneYoga can now be part of your routine; once you get some of the exercises memorized you can do them throughout your day, at red lights, in the shower, while you’re cooking - anytime you can squeeze them in they will benefit your anti-aging mission.

The classes are designed to be short, about thirty minutes-ish, once we have more content you will be able to pop online and do any pre-taped classes at your leisure; for now, the classes are all done by Amie; they are live with several different times and days. We hope you join us and stay tuned as our content is building and will soon include skincare tips and tricks, makeup application, and cooking tips, recipes included.

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