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Love your teeth, naturally.

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

This week on my health coaching site there is much ado about natural teeth care mixtures and I wanted to weigh in with my own investigative reporting.

Historically, my teeth have been a source of pride for me, large teeth which are fairly straight, with a slight overbite, and very white without any bleaching products; in fact, my dentist years ago stated to me that I should be careful doing my activities because he would never be able to get a fake tooth as white as my real ones.

This was during the time period where fake teeth had that blackish outline at the gum-line and looked ghastly. (pre-veneer days) My dentist could not possibly imagine the information given to me would leave me with lots of anxiety about knocking out my front choppers- seriously, I’ve only been on a bicycle twice since and the thought of roller skating makes me sick to my stomach, he basically scared the crap out of me and changed my life forever. Careful what you say to children, they can grow up with unnecessary angst. Now, onto dental care.

The aging process has now left my cheesy grin a bit dingy with my consumption of daily black teas and I wished for a cheap natural alternative to bleaching.

Let’s begin with the health benefits of Turmeric! They are simply amazing, with several studies also connecting turmeric and oral cancer treatment and prevention. One of them  indicates turmeric can reverse precancerous changes in the mouth. There are dozens of studies out there linking it to oral cancer cell death. The nanoparticles loaded with turmeric extract could actually kill oral cancer cells that had once proven resistant to chemotherapy treatment. I shan’t bog you down with science as too many details make me loopy but you can see more here if interested:

I was a bit reticent to use the yellowy powder on my pearly-whites but lots of my Health Coach buddies were doing it so I decided to try it. My first use was only for about twenty seconds, the yellow color kind of freaked me out so I wanted to get in and out with my brushing quickly. I swished water in my mouth and rinsed several times then brushed with baking soda, then my paste. (paste minus flouride, which is totally bad for you, read:

My teeth were whiter! Swear! Only twenty seconds and it was like magic so I decided to do it again in the morning but keep it in my mouth for a longer period like two minutes; amazing results! Natural, non-toxic and will not leave your gums or teeth sore, Turmeric tastes pretty good too, sweet in flavor.

So now my week consists of daily oil pulling, twenty minutes, done in the shower to save time. ( )  Brushing with baking soda and a lemon mixture a few days a week, swishing with peroxide a few days a week and I’ve even tried strawberries and baking soda, which was delightful! That all said, if you have no dental insurance, mouth issues, or just want some natural healing for the dirtiest place in your whole body, try some of the above and send me feedback. It can’t hurt!
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